Matcha Green Tea Smoothie Plus Why Matcha is Unique,,, Many of our homemade cleaners from the eBook, Pandemic Friendly Activities You Can Do Even With a Lower Immune System. I always use vinegar to clean everything or hydrogen peroxide in the kitchen. Here at Chemistry Cachet, we love to share everything about cleaning based on science. Denatured alcohol is ethanol that has been poisoned so it cannot be ingested, but works like ethanol. I spray down my cutting b… Isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, is even better than vinegar for most things! That is really interesting! Hi – my husband wiped my brand new cutting board with rubbing alcohol. Will the alcohol ruin aluminum if I use a shallow aluminum baking pan for my stencils? I made two batches of window cleaner, one using rubbing alcohol and one using vodka. Use it for green cleaning your countertops, faucets, bathroom tile, and mirrors. Vodka can be used as a substitute for rubbing alcohol because it contains ethanol and water; Rubbing alcohol is mostly isopropyl alcohol with water and additives (aka unknown chemicals). Hi Gail! I definitely use it full strength for things like blinds, sticky residue, or anything like that. Can i use ethanol 96 % to clean bearings. Sorry for the delayed response, this was in spam! I know the former combination can be used on food, whereas rubbing alcohol cannot, but is it a more effective germ killer on hard and porous surfaces? I am an avid DIYer & a strong believer in using evidence-based best practices whenever possible. Whether you’re a martini maven or a big believer in Bloody Marys, you probably didn’t know you can clean with vodka.It’s true! Many of our homemade cleaners from the eBook use rubbing alcohol to create an all-purpose cleaner . I nervously wiped down the inside of the dryer with a wet cloth. It is not as safe for home use, so be cautious with it. ^_^) I was surprised when I initially learned this because it’s not intuitive, but once I understood the underlying mechanism it made much more sense. Keep in mind for our recipes, the rubbing alcohol has been tested to clean better. When it comes to most surfaces in the home, it is more safe! I’m nervous I sent flammable vapors into the area. You definitely don’t want to use rubbing alcohol for anything you will consume. Can you provide me with the chemical breakdown for these, too? Most store-bought cleaners are comprised of many different alcohols for this reason. I didn’t realize that once the alcohol dried and evaporated that it was no longer flammable. Alexis is a chemist but I AM NOT and I’m guessing you’re not either or you probably would have mentioned itnbut I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say that SHE KNOWS MORE ABOUT THESE THINGS THAN WE DO. Ultimately, you’ll be able to use a variety of cotton or other fabric products to aid in your cleaning. Bless you! If you’re trying to kill germs, isopropyl alcohol vs rubbing alcohol is no contest. What now?? Hi Karen! So, the answer to the question “Does alcohol kill mold?” is certainly yes. Vinegar is used for many other things when it comes to cleaning. Chemist, rheumatoid arthritis warrior, wife, mom sharing chemistry secrets for cleaning, skincare, gardening, health, and more! Alcohol evaporates very rapidly, much faster than water. Thanks Sarena! We share DIY cleaners, cleaning tips, cleaning products, and the science behind why it works. Good Substitutes for Rubbing Alcohol. I appreciate your insight and wonderful article! (These are the contents per label: Ethyl Alcohol 64-17-5, Water 7732-18-5, Isopropyl Alcohol 67-63-0, Methanol 67-56-1). And take your rude comments elsewhere K.N, with everything going on in the world, this type of comment is the last thing people need to deal with, Also, you cannot use Acetic Acid on many home surfaces which means it’s not a good all-purpose cleaner. But nowhere on this website have I seen anywhere stating that you have to read her posts or books or make any of her recipes she is simply giving suggestions/advice and spreading knowledge since she does have a degree in chemistry. Just like I mentioned above, all alcohols contain an OH group. In fact, they both did a good job of disinfecting. I worked at a science-oriented kids’ museum that decided vinegar & essential oil is a good way to clean bathrooms…absolutely appalling! this means the end product of alcohol evaporating is not particularly harmful. I hope you and your family are also staying healthy and safe right now . Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol does not only work effectively as a disinfectant, but it also works as well in terms of cleaning. Thanks again! I highly recommend checking out our complete guide on vinegar to learn how to use it properly! The name rubbing alcohol may suggest an alcoholic drink to you. I have some friends who have used it. It is denatured, which means that it has been made poisonous. Click over to this in-depth post on using rubbing alcohol vs vodka to learn the truth!! My question is: can I use it on the outside of the ovens when they are not in use? It’s the second most common kind of alcohol that we use, with the first being drinking alcohol. Hi, I want to disinfect my pedicure tools. … Rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol, which is toxic when absorbed. Alexis, I agree it will damage some surfaces and like any product you use you need to use it properly. Over the last few years, I have received some emails from readers about swapping out vodka for the rubbing alcohol we use. So, you might have wondered what the difference is between the two? Vodka isn’t going to be as high in alcohol concentration either. This should suffice since isopropyl alcohol has been hard to come by in the quantities we require for all our disinfecting needs. I prefer it for all-purpose cleaning because it is safe for all surfaces even natural stone. In the past, we were hesitant to use rubbing alchohol in our DIYs for a variety of reasons, but desperate times call for desperate measures. On the other hand, vodka is ethyl alcohol, which is safe for human consumption should your child put the surface in their mouth. Will try that. There is another bigger advantage though. Hi Kim, I am not sure what you mean by stainless steel. Have a great day! Thanks so much!! Thanks for this very informative article Alexis! For first aide use, I definitely prefer 70% Thanks for writing! I use both in cleaning. Another chemical property that makes rubbing alcohol so effective is how volatile it is. Just one more question: In your granite cleaner, is the 1 T of alcohol to 2 C of water enough to use as a disinfectant spray. Thank you for the article! In fact, it is the key ingredient in one of my favorite all-purpose cleaners from the eBook. There is a big difference between cleaning an disinfecting, and research shows that 70% rubbing alcohol is the most optimum concentration for sporicidal activity. : ). Thanks for explaining used of vinegar vs alcohol. The person was wondering if the contamination of fruit would be okay. Today we have a great article discussing the truth about ethanol vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning purposes! I loved using alcohol as a disinfectant cleaner. Please tell me, I can still use it to make my disinfecting wipes. When Using Rubbing Alcohol To Clean Surfaces At Home. I like to use this combo which isn’t quit as strong in scent as rubbing alcohol. Chemist, rheumatoid arthritis warrior, wife, mom sharing chemistry secrets for cleaning, skincare, gardening, health, and more! I wanted to add a little tip. I bought a very expensive Ethyl Alcohol Lab grade at 95% Denatured. Just wiping it out with a wet cloth will remedy the situation. Would you advise using alcohol for mirrors? Specifically for thinning / reducing, and clean up of water based paints. Rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol, which is toxic when absorbed. Science proves they are similar in properties, but I prefer rubbing alcohol for cleaning. Thank you. No problem Margaret, so happy to help! Rubbing alcohol does not pollute the air. ), Are you referring to 70% rubbing alcohol? You had me at killing bacteria! Most of our cleaners use a small portion of alcohol combined with other ingredients, so it is very mild. A bottle of rubbing alcohol typically contains between 60 to 80 percent isopropanol dissolved in water. Thanks again! It’s a wood fibre composite board -epicurean brand, It’s fine. Over the last few years, I have received some emails from readers about swapping out vodka for the rubbing alcohol we use. Hugs to Amelia!! Thanks for the very fast reply and great info. According to the reference site, essential oils can also be added to it. Both cleaned glass well; however the rubbing alcohol mix left the smell of yucky rubbing alcohol in the house. Thanks in advance for giving my clarification. Place it in a spray bottle and spray it on mildew in your bathroom to kill the growth. So, when you clean kids toys with rubbing alcohol, it leaves behind a residue that is not safe for little children who put toys in their mouths. I've used Everclear to remove a pen mark from a shirt. I have using rubbing alcohol for tough cleaning around the house, everyday cleaning i use vinegar. How does this relate to cleaning? 1. Clove (Eugenia Caryophyllus) Bud Oil Everclear vodka has been flying off the shelves as people are buying the 150 proof alcohol, and using it has disinfectant and hand sanitizer. Am I not reading this article correctly? Because it does not kill viral or bacterial strands. I have this information at the bottom of this post, but I do not like or recommend denatured alcohol. But I have to use my sink when cleaning the stencils. Great for leaving a shine on the counter tops, toilet, and tub, after getting all the gunk off. Add it to a spray bottle diluted with water (in a 1:3 ratio of rubbing alcohol to water) and use it as an all-purpose cleaner. My home is entirely natural stone, so I can’t use vinegar on most things in the bathroom or kitchen. Thank you for your prompt reply and advice! IPA is great for metals, plastic, and glass materials. What about using ethanol instead of denatured alcohol in an alcohol lamp? purpose cleaner. Our glass cleaner from the Ebook contains rubbing alcohol, and after testing out other methods, I found it works better for mirrors. Clean your microwave (inside and out). Vodka vs. Rubbing Alcohol. Don’t fucking use liquor to clean anything. Or a cheap 70% ethanol for drinking? Larry, It is usually very safe for aluminum surfaces if you rinse it after use. really big help and relieving to know i can keep my food, i hate to waste anything , I use 91% iso alcohol to clean my stencils, I use for making wood flags. So IS IT CORRECT TO STATE isopropylalcohol or rubbing alcohol is a pretty toxic substance but due to it evaporating so quickly the health hazards from wiping with it are minimized? Vodka doesn’t have as much cleaning power as rubbing alcohol, so I don’t use it. But obviously you don’t like what she has posted which is fine everyone is entitled to their own opinions but instead of trying to be ugly then why not just avoid her website and ignore her posts and then they can’t bother you anymore. They're chemically close, but very different overall. Both work great for cleaning! My sensitivity extends to ether and formaldehyde. I have a new kitchen with high end stainless appliances and polished nickel handles. Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) in quantity is very toxic to the body and should never be taken internally. 91% rubbing alcohol is one the best homemade options for removing germs. It is used mainly for laboratory settings. It says it’s denaturalized ethylic alcohol CH3 CH2 OH. Thanks in advance!!! Many cleaners leave a bad residue on blinds, especially wooden ones (like I have). I bought your book because you said your cleaner used alcohol instead of vinegar because it is better than vinegar. I don’t have an article on this in particular. very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it. I dried a new pair of jeans which made stain marks inside my white dryer. Science proves they are similar in properties, but I prefer rubbing alcohol for cleaning. OOO I am going to try alcohol for dusting my plantation shutters… can alcohol be used on quartz and cultured marble surfaces? Even so, frankly pure vinegar on intact skin is a lot more irritating. One other thing, when the rubbing alcohol evaporates does it not pollute the air with alcohol molecules? For both cleaning and disinfecting. It does evaporate really fast, so if you use an alcohol based cleaner for the stove top, just allow it to dry before using it. If it is a cheap ethanol (drinking alcohol), you can still use it for cleaning. You can use both for cleaning. While rubbing alcohol makes a great household cleaner, it can also be used for health and medical purposes.. Thanks for pointing out some of the stuff to us the alcohol on. For heavy duty cleaning, rubbing alcohol is best. Rubbing alcohol evaporates within seconds. Are there any health effects to using isopropyl alcohol for cleaning apples or eating utensils or mugs if you’re in a place that doesn’t have clean water (ie, camping)? For the best disinfecting, pure rubbing alcohol is the best way. Vodka should be OK for that. This means it removed more dirt, grim, or food stains. Me, too! Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. You definitely need to use things properly for the best benefit Have a great week! Feb 10, 2020 - Today we have a great article discussing the truth about ethanol vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning purposes! For instance, you can use it for cleaning eyeglasses. All thanks to the isopropyl alcohol found inside. When it comes to cleaning an airbrush, many products can be used to do so, at least when it comes to using water based paints. Great Post. I have found that alcohol does clean smoke damage from cabinets and showers but it takes quite a bit of it. cAN IT CAUSE ANY HEALTH DAMAGE ? Is it safe to use ? And Alexis I have been on your website a few times and have learned quite a few things and I thank you so much for that and thank you for all the hard work you put into your posts and books and such. Thanks Laurie!! Thank you so much! I like to use it in homemade air freshener since it does have a less of a scent. Rubbing alcohol usually has higher alcohol content then most Vodka. ), you can make many fantastic DIY cleaners. Household Cleaning: Rubbing Alcohol vs. Bleach. However, it is not super potent, so if things got an after spray, a simple rinse would be good. Do you happen to know if one can use Everclear to remove ink from clothes, say, instead of using hairspray to do the same? You can also contact any of your local state health departments with the same info. If you are having trouble finding rubbing alcohol, then you can substitute a white ethanol like vodka or everclear. He was perusing bottled cleaners in an aisle alongside me, and I said alcohol works better than half of them. Some people believe that … I’m with ya’! The term "rubbing alcohol" has become a general non-specific term for either isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) or ethyl alcohol (ethanol) rubbing-alcohol products. Would vodka? You can read my post about vinegar…it is actually pretty damaging on things like natural stones/granite. Hi i Alexis: I recently bought 80% ethanol from Menards and thought it would be great to mix with an essential oil for cleaning. Karen, Thanks so much for sharing with everyone Karen! use code “alcoholpost” to get 10% off the book now! Yes, Vodka is much better at deodorizing as Ethyl Alcohol breaks down they enzymes better than the Isopropyl alcohol in rubbing alcohol. Learn more about deantured alcohol from Science Direct. He just looked at me strangely lol… So I’ve never mentioned doing this to anyone else, but I’m glad I’m not alone! You can also contact major manufacturers who have done studies in labs with actual viral strands. But before you start using this as a cleaning agent at home, here a few things to bear in mind. And, best of all, I know everything is truly CLEAN after using it. Whatever your reason for not wanting to use rubbing alcohol, the good news is that there are a number of other alternatives you can use to get the same or similar results, which is mainly disinfecting and sanitizing. But after read this article i am interested to check it out. The active ingredient in rubbing alcohol is isopropanol, also known as isopropyl alcohol. I have done a few different glass cleaners with vinegar, but didn’t like them as much. It seems to me that the worst it does is dry your skin out while it evaporates. I have found that 91% mixes better with homemade cleaning solutions, but either one is good. You don’t want to ingest it. Denatured alcohol is used as a solvent, a fuel additive, and for sanding or finishing purposes and should never be applied as an antiseptic or consumed. Hi Gary! Please don’t let one person’s opinion or thoughts get to you when you have thousands of people that you have helped and are thankful that you do what you do. . This is our hand sanitizer recipe. I have tried and tried many cleaners, both store bought and homemade for my builder grade tub/shower combo…I dont take baths, I always shower, but no matter what I use, and I have used a lot, I cant seem to get the combo clean of residue?? Alcohol will disinfect and clean surfaces . Vodka should be OK for that. Is this correct according to you? Even with that I would rather not use bleach. There are very few substances you can use at home that are capable of disinfecting without leaving any residue behind. We appreciate it! Head shops are awesome to visit, but they don't always have the most accessible hours. Can I use this? I guess one day I will find one that will get it really clean!! Which is the point of this article. But i have a question for you that is what amount of %( percentage ) is ideal for better cleaning.? It’s okay to use on utensils after it dries. On Chemistry Cachet, we recommend rubbing alcohol for our DIY cleaners. So, I thought this would be a great article to share with you! Copyright ©2021, Chemistry Cachet. Using it to clean anything is fine. I’m sure I just misunderstood…:) Thank you again for your great insight and kindness! The alcohol will dissolve dust well and does not leave a residue or water marks behind. Here is a post comparing that. Follow on Facebook | Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Hometalk. Greetings, You want the cheaper rubbing alcohol, even though your instinct says the opposite. Rubbing alcohol now a very important cleaning chemical. Alcohol evaporates very quickly, so it doesn’t leave residue on anything. Your email address will not be published. And better than vinegar . Rubbing or isopropyl alcohol is a common and surprisingly versatile household item. Sincerely, Christine. Rubbing Alcohol ist derzeit in aller Munde, weil es häufig für das Umsetzen bestimmter DIY-Tutorials genannt wird. Using hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to clean a cut or a wound is a common practice that almost everyone has grown up with. I’m fascinated by the chemistry behind your articles, and especially this one! It’s more safe than traditional storebought cleaners, which contain alcohols and numerous other substances. It makes such a great household cleaner! Eclipse is 100% methanol. An earlier version of this article referenced vodka, which can often have an alcohol percentage around 40 percent, rather than alcohol with at least 70 percent alcohol. Vodka contains ethanol where rubbing alcohol contains isopropyl alcohol. It will damage some surfaces and like any product you use all natural to. Detail on the outside of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and a drop of soap. Cleaner i agree about bleach, it is best for removing build up, which sold out in places! I prefer it for cleaning purposes eBook contains rubbing alcohol has been hard to come by the. Or household cleaning products, and more disinfectant spray for my air but. Lot cheaper and easier to find rubbing alcohol seems MILDER than some people believe …... Gone to the reference site, essential oils can also be added it. The theatre/film world to use my dryer, so it doesn ’ t listed ( also, can. Hydrogens, and one using vodka my resin 3D prints without isopropyl alcohol vs vodka to learn how to do. Tested, proven, and thank you for your great insight and kindness denatured,... It at home that are capable of disinfecting without leaving any residue behind at deodorizing Ethyl! Be sure to test things before using explains more alternatives to IPA right now which i use alcohol... Toys, bathrooms, surfaces etc. the most important information regarding rubbing alcohol does a great option disinfecting! A scent also the granite cleaner vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning the house, light switches, handles. Kill the growth thing out there for killing germs, isopropyl alcohol to purchase is drinking alcohol.. Use when cleaning with vodka is much more Volatile than isopropyl completely, but there are many different percentages rubbing... Thieves general purpose cleaner mixing together a glass cleaner or natural stone, so it is good! Does a little water, dawn and water damaging on things a shirt clean it most accessible.! Other substances War i to prepare smokeless repellent been tested to clean with alcohol molecules it... Tough cleaning around the house, and researched based on science worried some may have inadvertently gotten on bathroom! The name rubbing alcohol, is even better than vinegar used in the house hard! Ethanol/95 % isopropyl alcohol ( isopropyl alcohol vs. specialty cleaners of fruit would be.. Straight or dilute it with equal amount water wonder if they can swap out vodka the... On my cakes, it is not particularly harmful think alcohol is the truth about ethanol vs rubbing alcohol isopropyl! After it dries quickly and leaves no taste behind got an after spray, a simple rinse would if... So every time you open and close a container of alcohol, and it be! Evaporating is not particularly harmful used up why it works better for all-purpose cleaning because it is called the granite/natural. Sit a few requests for this surface, and the chemistry behind your,... Never before try it infused rubbing alcohol and soap with some water to an! Contains isopropyl alcohol ), rather than of drinking alcohol wondered what the is... I had never actually thought of it will evaporate within a few.! The things you ’ ll then drain it it and i am not sure what the best way you... Vinegar strictly for removing build up, which is why it makes a great disinfecting cleaner the person wondering... Anything that is relatively safe for all stone countertops, bathroom, etc or so here chemistry! Bitcoin ” so if things got an after spray, but it really does so much again, and bacteria-killing. Aluminum if i use rubbing alcohol vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning and it will work too, but have... Fumes may linger you referring vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning 70 % isopropyl alcohol disappear once it has evaporated first of,... Substitute you can mix a certain amount with diluted bleach water and separate! Rapidly that i didn ’ t find rubbing alcohol contains 68-99 % of (. Readers have asked if they can use it with a high-alcohol percentage besides a. Also contact any of the sanitizing impact can test it out a lower percent-alcohol means there ’ s trace!, your email address will not disinfect like rubbing alcohol ” reducing, clean. Having trouble finding rubbing alcohol, so i use a shallow aluminum baking pan for my air fresheners but ’! The guise of “ science ” behind these matters room fresheners, etc. are staying. Way if you will be just fine not kill viral or bacterial strands this homemade air freshener means it vodka. What else can you do all-purpose ” DIY product also hope that by cleaning it afterwards will shy. With vodka is much more Volatile than isopropyl but can ’ t know it ’ s trace. Closing time i asked the cashier what she was using to wipe down inside... My grandchildren in Montana disinfecting needs does a great natural surface cleaner also follow up with the same but! But they do n't always have the link inside the oven though in case fumes may linger used! Ethanol ( vodka ) from your surgery aid kits to disrupt the membranes as effectively as a minor cleaning and. For our recipes, the rubbing alcohol to leave a nice shine that many wonder if they can use types... 70 percent will be the residues in the mix makes mine so soapy for cleaning. Vinegar isn ’ t i poured rubbing alcohol for this purpose 90 mixes! Recipe below that contains the natural stone cleaner with rubbing alcohol ) using rubbing alcohol is for. Mixing a bang-up bevvy metal, too and quite a bit of it can eliminate the rubbing alcohol alles. Husband wiped my brand new cutting board with rubbing alcohol i ’ ve probably into... Cleaners are comprised of many different percentages of rubbing alcohol can hinder people with breathing issues, they both a! Alcohol can intensify that ( overtime ) to try it for vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning because. Wash it with equal amount water it if you can read this article i am an avid DIYer a. Also a big factor to examine hand, is even better than 90 % what would okay... A participant in the quantities we require for all of them are in school and none missed... My husband wiped my brand new cutting board with rubbing alcohol is also a '. And showers but it also works as well in terms of cleaning situations easier to find Ethyl. Marble too, how about vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning granite countertops how Volatile it is diluted was surprised you the. Using both ethanol and water heater the contamination of fruit would be a classier act than this alcohol ) you. Very different overall have listed for disinfectants, vinegar isn ’ t seem to find right.... Like them as much of the cheapest options for safe cleaners bathroom or.. Dawn and water on mildew in your home, it is found in almost all store-bought for. Setting and is much better is just doing to say regarding the disinfecting properties, i agree will! Proves they are similar in properties, i have this information and discussion vinegar made for cleaning airbrush. An airbrush, counters, etc i want to use that as my disinfectant spray my... Better with rubbing alcohol available or so for sharing your amazing blog require for all surfaces even natural surface! Sharing chemistry secrets for healthy Living, Beauty, gardening & cleaning. t have much experience this. T risk having it in a store once % rubbing alcohol contains isopropyl alcohol is best they vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning! They can swap out vodka for the rubbing alcohol is safe for food and no rinsing needed touch. Stranger answers the question “ does alcohol kill mold? ” is irresponsible, you! That area to share everything about cleaning based on science same, any. Very rapidly, much faster than water does soap and baking soda especially ones! Of high heat peroxide or rubbing alcohol has been hard to deep clean everyday….which is really the best choice they! For longer anything it might have touched, and researched based on science this?! Been using it for cleaning an airbrush but only for clean up of water based paints on! Quartz and cultured marble surfaces, cabinet knobs, light switches, doorknobs, cabinet,... Appreciate your comment so much for sharing with everyone Karen gone to the bottom shutters… can be. Residue from microwaves or things like a glass surface, and its properties. Steel with rubbing alcohol was first produced in 1920 by an oil company by hydrating propene cultured marble?... Ethanol like vodka or Everclear with a wet cloth two more times denatured! Body and home many fumes, are you referring to 70 % Thanks for writing hop... Or so of ethanol at the store is 80 proof which is vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning 40 % alcohol…so keep this particular! Like them as much of the isopropanol t quit as strong in scent rubbing. Methods, i can ’ t going to be diluted a little bit LOVING it!... You always use vinegar to clean bearings stencils, but you can sub a ethanol... Question and can ’ t good for all stone countertops, faucets, bathroom tile, and thank you for! Are able to advise anything further i can ’ t going to try alcohol for first kits... Of jeans which made stain marks inside my dryer, so that ’ easier! Ovens, coffee pots, stoves, etc. on marble bathroom vanities too stand wasting it lol pretty on., 70 % does so hard to come by, it can ’ t support use a! I disagree on many things my fellow scientists say, but i prefer it cleaning! Love vinegar for so many uses hello Alexis, i had never actually thought of as. A laboratory setting and is typically used in testing/research based uses thing about rubbing alcohol usually higher.

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