Free shipping for many products! Ski Binding Drill Bits Ski Binding shouldered drill bits are specifically designed for drilling into skis when mounting bindings. After fiddling with templates every-time I mount bindings, I decided to make paper templates for all the popular bindings that can be printed on 8.5"x11" paper and can be used for all BSL's. Drills fine and stop keeps from drilling too deep. Note the revision number appended to the end of the filename (_R1 ect). $0.50. They ensure the holes are drilled at the correct diameter, and perhaps more the correct depth. Prevents you from drilling too deep a major plus when drilling holes in your skis, CHEW STEEL TOOLS Drill Bit Set, 100-Piece Drilling and Driving Accessories, Screw Drill bits, Titanium Coated HSS Bits for Drilling Metal, Wood, Masonry and Plastic (Metric), Rocaris 6 Pack 1/4 Inch Hex Shank Triangle Head Bit, S2 Steel Screwdriver Drill Set Bits TA14, TA18, TA20, TA23, TA27, TA30-65mm, TEKTON #3 Phillips High-Torque Screwdriver | 26683, Fisch Brad Point Drill Bits (14mm x 160mm) - Premium Drill Bits for Soft, Hard, Veneered and Laminated Wood, MDF and Acrylic Glass - Beveled Edge for Fast, Easy Cutting - FSF-004141 - Made in Austria, Triangular-Overlord Punching Hole Working Drill Bits,Ultimate Punching Drill Bits Set with Tungsten Carbide Tip,Multifunctional Drill Bits for Tile,Concrete,Brick,Glass,Plastic and Wood.Orange 5pcsSet, Wood Drill Bit, High Strength Wood Drilling Tool, Wearable Flat Bit for Drill, XLX 11PCS Hole Saw Kit (with 2 Mandrel 1 Mandrill 8 Blade and 1 Hex Key Wrench) 3/4"- 21/2" Hole Saw Drill Bit Set Ideal for Woodworking PVC Plastic Board and Pipes Plasterboard, Irwin 81121 High Speed Steel Wire Gauge Drill Bit #21, Drill Bits Short Length Threaded Shank, Combo Series Drill Bit Set 1 Tight Fit Tools 00131, Vermont American 13135 Quick Hex Shank Twist Drill Bit Assortment, 5-Piece, Rel Amigo Heavy Duty Retractable ID Badge Holder and Key Reel with Kevlar Cord and Carabiner (2 Pack), Drill Bits Short Length Threaded Shank, Long Series Drill Bit Set 2 Tight Fit Tools 00132, Makita A-96833 Impactx #3 Phillips 3-1/2″ Power Bit, NUZAMAS 1/4” Hex Shank HSS Drill Bits, Set of 13 Titanium Coated Drill Bits, 1.5mm-6.5mm, High Speed Steel Quick Change for Woodworking, Plastic, 16 Piece Pegboard Plastic Bin and Plastic Tool Holder Kit, StoreYourBoard Naked Timber Snowboard Wall Mount, Stylish Wood Display Hanger, Adjustable Home Apartment Garage Bracket, uxcell HSS Twist Double End Drill Bits Titanium Coating Straight Shank Spiral Rotary Tool 4.2mm Drilling Dia 10 pcs, NGe 20pcs 1mm HSS Twist Drill High Speed Steel Bit, Micro Drill Bit for Drilling Steel, Copper, Aluminum Alloy, Wood, 10pcs Titanium Coated PH2 Screwdriver Bits Anti Slip 1/4" Hex Shank Drill Bit 25mm for Power Tools, WenFo 1/4”(6mm) Alloy Triangle Drill Bit,Ultimate Punching Drill Bits Set with Alloy Triangle Tip,Multifunctional Drill Bits for Tile,Concrete,Brick,Glass,Plastic and Wood, WenFo 5Pcs 1/2”(12mm) Drill Bit Set,Alloy Triangle Drill Bit,Punching Drill Bits Set, Overlord Handle Multifunctional Triangle Drill Bit Set for Tile, Concrete, Brick, Glass, Plastic and Wood, uxcell HSS Twist Double End Drill Bits Titanium Coating Straight Shank Spiral Rotary Tool 4.2mm Drilling Dia 5 pcs, uxcell HSS Twist Double End Drill Bits Titanium Coating Straight Shank Spiral Rotary Tool 5.1mm Drilling Dia 5pcs, Drill bit Set for Straight Shank, 1 Opening per Box, Drill bit Iron for Stainless Steel((8.5 high Speed Steel 10 pcs/Box 4241)), 6Pcs 1/4'' Hex HSS Screw Thread Drill Bits Spiral Pointed Taps Drill Bits Self-centering Point Twist Drilling For Metal Working, 3pcs 1/4" Hss Step Cone Taper Drill Bit Set Hole Cutter Metric Titanium Coated Metal Hex Stepped Drill Bits 4-12/20/32mm, 2-piece H5 (5 mm) ball-head screwdriver bits, 5.1-inch magnetic S2 steel drill bit with 1/4 inch hexagonal shank, Hanson 63709ZR Core Drill Bit, BIT DRILL 9/64 TIT. Show details This item: Wintersteiger Ski Binding Mounting Drill Bit 4.1mm x 9.5mm 25 Hole Plugs $19.50 Wintersteiger Drill Bits – 3.6 x 7.5mm for Youth Ski Mounting and 25 Hole Plugs $19.50 Special offers and product promotions The 4.1 mm bit is used for skis with metal topskin. For the DIY ... great product to have available to mount or re-mount your ski bindings. 4.1 x 9.5mm Drill Bit - Some manufacturers like it deep. Quickview. The most common hand-held driver for mounting and adjusting alpine ski bindings. There are exceptions, such as a metal binding plate in a non-metal ski, carbon fiber top sheets, etc. 3.6 x 9 at top, 4.1 x 9.5 at bottom. The step keeps you from drilling too deep and helps you have a clean flat surface to mount to. The main reason they were different is the strength of the coupling and length of the … We buy our bits from Montana but … Any NON - SKI & BINDING (Outerwear, Lifestyle, Layering, etc.) Buying stuff online can safe you a lot of money. 5 Pcs Adjustable Depth Round Shank Woodwork Tapered Countersink Hole Drill Bit Set,0.3"/8mm Shank, Hymnorq 1.0 to 10mm Metric Jobber Twist Drill Bits Set of 19pcs Titanium Coated HSS 4241, Straight Shank for General Purpose in Wood Plastic and Soft Metal Sheet, BLACK+DECKER 19105 Bullet Drill Bit, 9/64-Inch, StoreYourBoard Snowboard Storage Rack, Freestanding Snowboard Floor Rack, 4 Boards, Pozi-Drive Quick-Change Bit (Set of 3) #3 x 2-3/4", Drill Bit Set, Longmate 226-Piece Drilling and Driving Accessories, Screw Drill bits, Titanium Coated HSS Bits for Drilling Metal, Wood, Masonry, Cement and Plastic, SkateHoarding Wall Bullet Snowboard Wall Mount Display Hanger Rack. Technicians also use special drill bits to prevent drilling all the way through the skis. The outside diameter of an alpine screw thread is just over 5mm. These bits are fantastic precision tools. Product Overview These drill bits are specially designed for mounting ski bindings.

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