This game ported from Nesica Arcade Machine to PC so you can run this game on your PC! Furthermore, many (though not all) of these characters feature a Shadow Type. The following returning characters now have these numbers of Persona Cards/Units each: Guard Cancel Evasion now has less total frames of animation, and travels a further distance. The game was originally released in Japanese arcades in November 2013, and was released worldwide for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2014. Find out if the fighting experience is as thrilling as it … The true ending reveals that Sho has lost his other personality but is able to summon his own Persona, and he decides on to go on his own journey, insisting that he will kill Yu and he should be ready for him at anytime. One More! A new system implemented is known as the ". Decreased lag time between button release and the execution of the SHS-based move/skill. PERSONA 4: ARENA ULTIMAX - ALL DLC. There have been files found in the game's data that suggests that a Shadow version of Marie was planned. All console-exclusive characters added to the arcade versions. Shadow Rampage), which gives them unlimited SP for a limited amount of time and is activated by what would be the Burst command while the character is at 100 SP. Fighting The console version compared to the original P4U, has received many more changes. The game was originally released in Japanese arcades in November 2013, and was released worldwide for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2014. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is the long-awaited sequel, and a continuation of the story originally set forth in the award-winning RPG Persona 4. The Midnight Channel is back on the air and once again broadcasts a strange advertisement for another fighting tournament christened P-1 Climax, that shows members of the Investigation Team and the Shadow Operatives in combat. [5], The game's story mode is now split into two separate campaigns for the Persona 3 and Persona 4 casts, as opposed to a campaign for each character. Such as new console exclusive characters, and all the themes being rearranged to their OST disc versions; by proxy, the original characters' themes from the first game are also the OST disc versions as well. A 1.10 Patch was eventually released as well for both arcade and console versions. [24], Persona 4 Arena Ultimax was adapted into a live stage play titled Persona 4 Ultimax Song Project and ran from July 6 to July 10, 2016 at Theater G Rosso. The normal ending follows the Investigation Team saying goodbye to the protagonist at the end of Golden Week, the Shadow Operatives decision to follow through with their own separate and normal lives and Sho Minazuki escaping with his whereabouts unknown. Minazuki reveals he has gathered enough Persona fragments to summon a malevolent entity that will destroy the world. Persona 4: Arena Ultimax - Tutorial 1: Basic Controls videoTrailer Veja este novo trailer de Persona 4: Arena Ultimax, que mostra 92 para luta These Shadow versions differ by being largely skill-based variants of their counterparts, employing a high-risk high-reward play style thanks to reduced normal attack damage and an altered move set with lacking defensive options. Yu, Yosuke, and Chie reach Yasogami and are approached by Sho, who announces himself as the culprit behind the P-1 Grand Prix and P-1 Climax. In the end, the Entity also betrayed Sho by taking over his body as vessel for his true form. All characters' Barrage/Auto-Combos' first inputs (5A) are unchanged from the previous game, and a few characters, namely Yu and Akihiko, retain the same second inputs (5AA) as well. Watch Persona 4: Arena Ultimax channels streaming live on Twitch. At the top of the tower, Yu stops Sho from killing Adachi and fights Minazuki, emerging victorious. Sho, who is also transported, asks if she really did defeat Kagutsuchi, which she confirms, and Sho acknowledges her strength. All characters once again, have had character-specific rebalances here: Like its predecessor, the game's official Japanese website once again featured. After Sho's friendly departure, Margaret safely transports everyone out of the tower at Yu's request, and come to terms with Elizabeth's departure from the Velvet Room after trying to convince her to return. Director(s) Arc System Works Atlus General Teddie, revealing himself to be Hi-no-Kagutsuchi, possesses Sho's body and fights Yu. First WeekJapan - 85,407[1]Life to DateJapan - 115,762 Like the previous title, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a fighting game in which characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4 battle each other using a variety of special moves, combos, and Persona abilities. "[37], Japanese cover art featuring the game's fighters, with, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax review, Official PlayStation magazine, Christmas 2014 issue, page 73, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax review, Play magazine issue 250, page 64, solving the serial kidnapping/murder case, "Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Will Hit Japan On August 28th", "Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Release Date Announced", "Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is Europe-bound - Thanks, Sega! At midnight the day after the P-1 Grand Prix concludes, the TV in Yu's room suddenly starts airing the Midnight Channel, showing a promotion for the P-1 Climax and an image of Mitsuru, Aigis, Akihiko, and Fuuka crucified, with General Teddie announcing the world's end within one hour. Teppei Kobayashi It was then that he was confronted by Hi-no-Kagutsuchi, who asked him if he wanted to destroy the world, and he agreed. As a standalone visual novel, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is nothing special. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is coming Fall 2014 to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! The Episodes in Story Mode has a completion percentage which stops at 94% on Episode P4 to unlock Episode P3. Ultimax received generally favorable reviews, maintaining an average of 84 on Metacritic. However, as a sequel to Persona 3, 4, and Arena, it works well—adding to the series' lore and developing some of the characters in logical, emotional ways. A black out then occurs throughout Inaba and the whole town is surrounded by red fog. Compra Persona 4 Arena Ultimax para a PS4. Also new to Ultimax is the ability to choose "Shadow Types" for many of the game's characters. "[34] Ben Moore at GameTrailers stated that "practically everything new in Ultimax is outstanding and the core it’s built on is just as robust and exhilarating as it was two years ago. New playable characters, including fan favorites from the Persona 3 and 4 RPGs, add even more breadth to the already diverse roster. Suplex Hold System is only usable in single player. Encontre Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Games no! All Shadow-types have a 1000 HP increase from their normal counterparts instead of a 2000 HP increase. All characters now have different Persona Cards/Units from each other, while in the previous game, they originally all had 4. As both Margaret and Elizabeth appear to witness the event, Sho is revealed to be alive but unable to sense Minazuki within him. Kazuhisa WadaSeiji FukumotoTakumi Iguchiya I think i can tell you first!!! Genre Other characters, such as Fuuka Yamagishi and Theodore from Persona 3 appear in a non-playable capacity.[10][11][12][13][14][15]. This version as its name states, is an updated version of the game that provides all sorts of balance changes compared to the original. Persona Break indicator location has been changed, and will shift more towards the HUD of the character who was inflicted with it. Bursts no longer push the user away when used on their cornered opponent. However, it still possess complete invincibility throughout its animation. In the second episode of the 2017 anime series. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, also known in Japan as Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, is a 2D fighting game developed by Arc System Works and under the supervision of Atlus's Team Persona. Yu, Labrys, the Investigation Team and the Shadow Operatives will be meeting at Junes Department Store at the end of Golden Week to know more about each other and strengthen their bonds. The game was well received by video game publications. The Lone Marebito, Persona 5 Comic Anthology (DNA Media Comics), Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner: Shinen no Matou, Activating Shadow Frenzy standalone no longer causes a freeze frame, meaning the opponent can move around during that time. One More! While the Investigation Team attempts to figure out what's going on, Junpei Iori and Rise Kujikawa becomes trapped in the red fog, while Labrys, Ken Amada, Koromaru and Yukari Takeba ride on a helicopter to see the fog engulf Inaba. With Adachi's help, they are able to kill Kagutsuchi. Atsushi Kitajoh All 13 playable characters featured in Persona 4 Arena return in Ultimax. Episode P3 is unlocked after the player completes Episode P4 at 94% and follows Labrys and the Shadow Operatives investigation on Shadow activity in Inaba, before being ambushed and captured by the Malevolent Entity and his accomplice. SB Skills use 10%, SP Skill Attacks use 20%, SB SP Skill Attacks use 30% and One More Cancels use 25%. Platform At Tartarus, they once again encounter Sho and defeat him, but are overpowered by his other self, Minazuki. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is coming Fall 2014 to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! [25] The play was released on DVD on November 25, 2016. Mais Menos . When two Personas collide their attacks, they now normally clash. All-Out Attacks can now be teched on air-hit. Has increased pushback on block, but will not apply when blocked in the corner. The P-1 CLIMAX has been ignited! Recovering from certain attacks or getting counter hit normally will cause a counter hit state as usual, only some moves now provide a window of a free Fatal Counter hit, which makes the aforementioned moves more risky than before, as well as providing new Fatal Counter combo opportunities. Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! However, due to the enemies' interference for unleashing the second Dark Hour, Inaba is shrouded by red fog and turns into a labyrinth that mixes with the places of Persona 3 such as Moonlight Bridge, Club Escapade, and Tartarus. A manga adaptation of the game was announced on February 25, 2015, via Persona Official Magazine issue #2015 February. Minoru KidookaNaoto HiraokaToshimichi MoriKatsura Hashino Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There, Sho coerces Adachi into aiding him in his plan to destroy the world. The Bookmark button is a very simple way to get notifications when your favorite manga have new updates. Each Episode has a two-choice question in the final chapter before the fight with the final boss where both should be selected to unlock the True Ending at Episode P4 and achieve 100% completion for both episodes. Shadow-Types are also altered on their stats in comparison to their normal counterparts, as they all have 2000 plus HP and deal 20% less damage overall. Persona 4 Jan 4th, 2017. After both scenarios are completed, a new chapter is unlocked, which follows the aftermath of Yu and Adachi defeating Kagutsuchi. Then there’s the villain of Ultimax, Sho Minazuki, who (like Labrys in the last game) has two versions: one with a persona and one without. There are also several DLC characters from Persona 4: Tohru Adachi, … Desde o lançamento em setembro no Japão e América do Norte. If activated at 100 SP, the Shadow-type's Persona Gauge is filled up to full. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Review – The Best Of Both Worlds General Teddie is back to torment our beloved Persona characters once again. The original Short-Hop mechanic can now be cancelled into from an attack with less startup, but said types of attacks can now be blocked both high and/or low. Feeling lost due to only knowing how to fight, Sho eventually settled in Inaba, where he observed the Investigation Team solving the serial kidnapping/murder case in secret, believing that they might be able to understand him, only to give up. Persona 4 Arena Ultimaxwas released in Japan on August 28, 2014, for the PlayStati… Eight new characters, five of whom were introduced in console version, were also added to the roster: Yukari Takeba, Ken Amada and his canine partner Koromaru, Junpei Iori, Rise Kujikawa, Tohru Adachi, Marie, Margaret and a brand new character, Sho Minazuki. Episode Adachi is the DLC third episode that follows Tohru Adachi's life in incarceration awaiting his trial, and Sho's recruitment for him to follow through with the plan to collect the Persona fragments. However, substantial changes to characters and the system have been made from Persona 4 Arena. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign up or login to join the community and follow your favorite Persona 4: Arena Ultimax streamers! Freeze can be now be escaped through button mashing also. Shadow Kanji and Shadow Akihiko only have a 500 HP increase. Also, like the previous game's patches, this patch is already in place by default for the console versions. Are you surprised? Development Decreased time for holding down button between gauge disappearing. SP usage during Shadow Frenzy is adjusted. Unlike the previous game, it features no region locking. Composer(s) Super Cancels now convert 6.5% of one's HP into blue heath instead of just 5%. There have been files found in the game's data that suggest the German Demon Mephistopheles was going to appear in the game. Arcade PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Xbox Series X/S* It is the direct sequel to the 2012 game, Persona 4 Arena, which is itself a follow-up to the role-playing game, Persona 4. "[33] Slant Magazine wrote that Ultimax "not only refines (and sometimes rebalances) the gameplay from Persona 4 Arena, but vastly expands it" and that the Shadow versions of the characters add "new layers without upsetting or unbalancing any of the foundational gameplay. After separately meeting the members of Investigation Team and rescuing their captured friends, they encounter Sho, the culprit behind Labrys' hijacking, who goads them into fighting Shadows in order to gather their Persona fragments. In response, the reserve members of the Shadow Operatives as well as Labrys all head to Inaba via helicopter (save for Junpei, who ends up at Inaba by accident). The P-1 CLIMAX has been ignited! It also follows the viewpoints of Yukari Takeba and her acting career, Ken Amada's attempt at normal student life with Koromaru, and Junpei Iori's coaching for a junior baseball team. Greatly expanded and built upon. It is a sequel to Persona 4 Arena in both story and gameplay. However, Minazuki brutally beats Adachi. [6] Golden Arena is a dungeon-based survival mode, in which players travel through various dungeons to increase the fighter's stats. Shadow Labrys (Asterius) is the only returning character from. é um jogo eletrônico de plataforma e luta desenvolvido pelas empresas japonesas Arc System Works e Atlus, em 2012, baseado na série Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. The storyline is split between episodes. ArcadeNovember 28, 2013Console August 28, 2014 Never . Furthermore, many (though not all) of these characters feature a Shadow Type. The Barrage/Auto-Combo's SP and Burst Gauge bonus is instead given on the 4th input (the Skill portion) as opposed to the 3rd input. In Japan the arcade update is called Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold 2.0.There has been no announcement if/when/how this update would come to consoles. There are also several new modes of play as well that were not available in the original Arena game, as well as extra tweaks to the AI in said modes. SB Skills are adjusted in that they only drain/use up SP only at the very moment they come out. Europe ), é um RPG para PlayStation 2 produzido pela Atlus, lançado originalmente em Julho de 2008. Holding in any direction now causes blocking instead of inverted controls. The story is a continuation of the events depicted in the game Persona 4 Arena and begins the day after it concludes. [7][8] Online play now features a new lobby area, resembling an arcade, where players can interact with each other. These lead to the meeting with each of Inaba's Investigation Team, and the rescue of the captured Shadow Operatives members at the mystery tower. [9], Along with all thirteen returning characters from the previous game, eight new characters (five of which are exclusive to the console version) are added to the roster, including a brand new character, Sho Minazuki. Xbox 360 - Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! The events of Persona 4 Arena reach their thrilling conclusion in the massive story mode of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax! He then reveals that after waking up from his coma, he discovered that Ikutsuki paid his medical expenses, leaving him with a large inheritance. Along with balance adjustments and new moves added to the returning characters, a new S-Hold system allows players to charge up their attacks. Suddenly, at Yasoinaba, the Mayonaka TV again goes live! North America It is the direct sequel to the 2012 game, Persona 4. david-loky. Transfere da PS Store. See Persona 4: Arena Ultimax 1.10 patch notesfor details. Longer unit characters take longer to inflict with Persona Break, but recover from said state much later. 1,332 . Opponents cannot use Defensive Bursts during an active Shadow Frenzy. During one of the experiments to make him a Persona user like Strega by using a Plume of Dusk, similar to Aigis and Labrys, another personality was born within Sho, which he refers to as Minazuki.